Strike Back Season 6 EP.1-10

Strike Back Season 6

After a disastrous failed hand-over from a independent Syrian liberation army unit, of the terrorist, “Omair Idrisi”, Sergeant Daniel “Mac” Macallister, is imprisoned facing a court marshal for hitting his superior officer. Because of the failed hand-over mission, Col. Adeena Donovan, MI6, re-establish the disbanded “Section 20” unit. Mac, is offered a chance to join this new unit. He is quickly set on mission to recruit “Sergeant Samuel Wyatt”, a deniable American operator, in captivity by General Farid. During the rescue/recruit mission, other new “Section 20” operators shows their value as members of the new team. The team is assembled in Tripoli, for a mission to capture Idrisi and as well reveal his source of money, Khalid, who transferred 5 million just before the team intervened. The team take custody of Khalid, but Omair eludes capture with help from his wife. Omair phones Mr. Ives, who is an arms dealer with the weapons for sale Omair intends to buy for the money.